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What are the fees for registering with The Venus Consultancy?
We do not charge fee to any candidate for interviewing process

How can I submit my resume?
Search our current opportunities and submit your resume. In case, you do not find any job opportunities similar to your interest, you can still submit resume and it would be in our database.  We will contact for suitable opportunities matching your skills and interest

I submitted my resume to a job posting on the website. For other job opportunities do I need to again submit resume
No, once you have successfully uploaded your resume, we will retain your information for future opportunities. There is no need to submit your information again. However, you may contact our office to get more detail for the recent advertised position. When submitting your resume, please upload in supported format mentioned on our website.

My contact information, education or job profile is changed after my resume submission to The Venus Consultancy, how do I update my information.
Submit your updated resume again on our website.

What kind of job opportunities does The Venus Consultancy provide?
We offers several kinds of working opportunities. We have permanent recruitment, temporary, part-time/full- time, seasonal recruitments. Please discuss this with your recruiter during your initial consultation about your job interest and positions available.

What documents are required during interview/consultation with The Venus Consultancy?
For initial interview process, we need your proper formatted Resume. Additional documents can be submitted during next steps of process.

What are the questions asked during the telephonic or personal interview process?
To ensure that you're the right candidate for the demands of a specific job, we may assess your skills, personality, behavioral or situational question, technical skills attributes to place you in an environment best suited for you.

What kind of companies uses The Venus Consultancy?
The Venus Consultancy works with all sizes of businesses, from small independent companies to large national corporations, including both Government and Private Industry.

How long will it take to place me in a position?
It depends on the needs of our clients as well as your marketability, including your skills, attributes, and availability. Some new employees are offered assignments immediately.
If you have other questions, please contact a company representative on line, email or by phone.

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