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Recuritment Services

Venus as a supplement of human resource services, we value our client and candidate relationships as a foundation of growth and success. We strive to provide our clients with prompt and excellent service.

The Drive for Venus!

Our recruitment consultants are committed, well trained and knowledgeable professionals with industry exposure in domain of their recruitment. They understand the process and know the fine details of the specialized needs. They help our clients to recruit the best possible candidates for the available jobs within the tight deadlines.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Interested candidates are subjected to rigorous tests on the basis of the job requirement to ensure that they possess the ability, aptitude and personality to perform their role to the satisfaction of our clients. We guarantee complete satisfaction to our clients and in turn lead to success to the clients.

Quality Matters

Venus believes in rigorous screening and filtering only qualified person for the specific job. We help in all the steps of interview and placement process so that you can focus on your business growth.

Screening and shortlisting

Venus is a unique in a way then other service provider as we undergo face to face interview process followed by telephonic interview and written test to understand the job requirement and conduct behavioral and situational interview for submitting only quality candidates who value the moral and code of conduct of company for further interview process by company.

Personal Touch

We discuss with company’s executive in person, to understand your specific organizational structure, company environment; specific skill sets required, preferred personality traits; preference in education, certifications, and professional experience. Placement of candidates is based on trust and client relationships. We work with both the client and candidate throughout the hiring process.

Venus complete solution strategy

We are very flexible in our work methodology and suits to all our clients from starup ventures to big name. We can offer you permanent staffing, onsite recruitment service, recruitment pipeline services and much more.

Trusted Business Advisors

While working on recruitment services our long term goal is to use our influential our network and brand image to help our clients achieve their business objectives. We are known face in industry to provide consultation and brand image development for meeting the channel partners or competitors of their company, providing detailed report on industry news and business trends. We also provide training for leadership, HR principles, good company practices and more


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