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IT Services

IT special One stop business needs for IT services, IT recruitment, IT outsourcing, IT consultants, IT specialized training.
We commit to support you in topnotch IT services to thrive your business solutions.

IT Recruitment

We work with our clients find to hire, manage and retain the most qualified IT professionals for contract and permanent positions across all technologies, levels and platforms.

We have designed a unique strategy as qualified IT recruitment specialists in the industry; we help organizations achieve their goals through improved access to their most important resource - talent.

Our IT recruiters have several years of bench experience as IT professional with management skills. We hire the best for you because we know the process and technology with figured recruitment skills

We have a database of IT professional which is carefully created by networking and personal meeting with them. We make each effort to know our candidates to deliver you the best of best!

We have successful strategies for each of the unique role in IT industry across all functions

IT Outsourcing

IT services are end to end requirement of fact paced business requirement. But you may not want to perform the tasks and increase the budget and space requirement by making it part of business process. Venus can help you by delivering flexible IT solutions customized to your need and at best unbeatable price in North America. This will free up your team for business-critical activities in which you are the best!

IT Specialized Training

Venus is a premier provider of exceptional hands on training and study programs on top notch IT skills and services. Majorly we cover all courses to keep your staff updated in the area of Network Administration, Systems Administration, Engineering, Prgramming and Development, DevOps, IT soft skills, IT management skills.

*serving Major functions in IT

  • Application Systems Analysis
  • Application Systems Development/Maintenance
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Computer Operations
  • Data Input
  • Data Warehouse Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Database Analysis/Design
  • Decision Support Analysis
  • Department IT Administration
  • Department Network Administration
  • Documentation/Technical Writing
  • End User Support
  • Help Desk/Information Center
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems Auditing
  • IT Project Management
  • IT Staff Supervision
  • Network Administration
  • Network Planning
  • Network Security Administration
  • Operating System Administration
  • Operations Administration
  • Operations Support
  • Production Control
  • Research Computing: Graphics Consulting
  • Research Computing: Statistical Analysis / User Support
  • Research Computing: Systems Analysis / User Support
  • Research Computing: Workstation Support
  • Server Administration
  • Systems Programming
  • Training
  • Web Administration
  • Web Development/Maintenance
  • Workstation Support

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