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Employer Testimonials

Venus Consultancy values opinion of our valued customer and clients. We are keen to incorporate all your needs by your prompt feedbacks, comments and suggestions. Our true revenue and growth underlies in your relationship. We are happy that after every good attempt, we get positive comments that boost our work ethics motivation. We have compiled few quotes that always proclaim us that we are on right trail of noble profession.

-Quality Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

"Venus consultancy is among the best recruitment agencies I have worked as a pharmaceutical manager. Their prescreening process was very effective, and picked up a true talent form the croud distinguishing all their strength and fitness for desired position. What I found difference was they always kept me in loop to known the status of the recruitment process. I strongly recommend Venus consultancy to other companies looking for recruitment services. Thanks Paresh your dedication, drive and results speak volumes.

-HR Manager, Clinical Forensic laboratory

"Venus consultancy provided me tailored made solutions strategy for me as my major concern in hiring a consultant was to get rid of burden of hiring a right talent for my biz. Paresh invited me for a quick coffee and understood our organization needs and values. He made a systematic plan and his dynamic team came up with the best of the best talent at its true value.My first preference in hiring and employee is for Venus team, as they have good post hiring practices and are always keen to help us in all our HR related issues. I like the way they say that stability and productivity of candidate is guaranteed. Venus Consultancy is a part of our success story and business growth. High recommend them for all recruitment a HR related solutions

-IT Division Head, Software Solutions Company

"We get cold calls from placement agencies regularly but when Venus Consultancy contacted me, I was convinced in no time that they understand our business, they did good survey about our products and services. We are proud to mention that they are one and only consultant. They always understand our needs and always keen to deliver quality candidates. On the scene, almost 50% of our employees are recruited by the venus consultancy and have progressed within the company to other areas of interest."

-Strategic Manager, Web solutions

Venus has great enthusiasm for there role- it's not simply about sending over a bunch of CVs for people who may or may not be suitable for the role.  She takes an enormous amount of interest in making sure that not just the qualifications match but that the personalities will be a good match as well.  I am just not worried about the behavioral ands employability of the candidates when they come through the stringent screening of The Venus consultancy. Without a doubt, Paresh is a real breath of fresh air in an industry that has the interests of their candidates and clients at heart.

-Production Manager, Engineering Company

Venus Consultancy has been our preferred recruitment agency. They are always on high toe to deliver quality placements; they have turned out to be excellent long term employees. Paresh and his team deliver the high quality candidates to choose from with the high standard of service demanded from a recruitment agency."

-Business Development Manager, Multimedia Screening

I got reference from Venus Consultancy from my international business friend. I was trying to fill difficult position having right mix of domain expertise and portfolio management. I thought to give it a try with Venus team by assigning odd and difficult brief to work with that I never thought I would be!!
I tried with several placement consultancies for the same role but it was still open. Amazingly, the service from venus consultancy was in a different league than the crowd. After the first initial meeting to discover the expectation and job role, they promised me of task completion within 10 working days. I highly recommend Venus consultancy - I really do for all my hiring needs.

-IT Project manager, Technology Consultancy

In our IT consulting firm we often need immediate quality personal at an affordable rate. Venus consultancy is the only place we go, as they give us the exact candidates we need at the rates we are looking for. What really separates Venus consultancy from the rest is that they truly understand our business and environment, so the candidates they send are always a perfect match. We would definitely recommend Venus consultancy to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective, customized recruitment effort!"

-Manager, Engineering Consultancy

I would recommend Venus consultancy to any manager who wants to streamline the hiring process. Since hiring a Venus consultancy candidate we have noticed quicker problem resolution and more stability within our environment. Thanks Paresh for taking the headache out of choosing a candidate."

-Business Manager IT solution

Venus consultancy is our #1 choice when it comes to finding the best technology professionals. They submit best candidates and have multiple successful placements by delivering quality candidates. They have a very good rapport with candidates. I have always got committed and professional candidates from them. I highly recommend them for IT business.

-BDM, Jewellery Retail Chain

Venus consultancy compliments the high quality of candidates with very attentive customer services and communication skills. We have high expectations of a candidate's technical abilities to understand product, personality fit and worth noting communication and sales spirit. Venus consultancy understands this, took the time to get to get to know our business and environment and have been able to deliver on a tight time line on more than one occasion for both contract and permanent roles in all our outlets across Toronto. We wish all the best to Paresh and his team. We recommend them to all who wants to expand and grow their business with trustworthy and talented employee.

-Marketing head, Cellular mobiles and Networking

We got a reference from our IT client about Venus Consultancy. We were amazed by their business network and relations in Asia and North America. We were able to bring right talent from across the globe. We always got best service from Venus consultancy. They are always in our clad to make us grow and allow us to do at what we are good and they deliver the best.

-President and CEO,IT consutlancy


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