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What should I do if I have a vacancy in my company?
Telephone or email us to discuss your vacancy. Our unique recruitment strategy will help you find the right person for the role – quickly and with minimum disruption to your business.

Are all your consultants experienced in their field?
Yes, the consultants in each of our divisions have significant recruitment experience of the sector in which they are operating. Example: Our team member working in IT Recruitment has professional education and experience in IT Sector and have enough experience and networking skills for IT staffing solution. Our onsite recruiters has professional degrees of Human Resource, PhD and more to mention. This gives them added insight into your requirements and ensures they understand any industry jargon.

What is the fee structure of Venus Consultancy?
The fee is effective only when we are successful in delivering the candidate you determine to be the best and which accepts the position and enters into service with your organization. Based on the hiring complexity, we charge between 15-25% of the annual package of candidate salary.

Do we get any guarantee on hiring candidate from Venus Consultancy?
Yes, we are happy to give our clients 3 month conditional guarantee. We will offer a 100% credit towards replacement if the applicant leaves within the first 45 days and a 50% credit towards replacement if the applicant leaves in the second 45 days. Credit towards replacement is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The Guarantee is not valid if the employee is terminated due to Company lay off, relocation, or closure.

What type of companies do you work for?
We work in all major sectors; please refer our Industry Practice section for further details

Can you provide temporary staff as well as permanent staff?
Yes, we provide temporary, contractual and permanent staffing for all roles at different level in organization

For any further inquiries/ information please Contact US, we would be happy to accommodate all your business needs


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