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The venus consultancy Ltd. appreciates the value of something that seems to be diminishing with the progression of technology - Privacy. Your right to privacy and secure data is a chief concern for all of us at The venus consultancy Ltd. 

The following are guidelines used by to ensure that the information you provide us when visiting our website is kept private and secure.

For more information regarding our Privacy Policy, or if you feel our site has violated this policy, do not hesitate to Contact us and inform us of your exact concerns.

Information Gathered And/Or Tracked About You

Generally, you visit our website without any information being collected about you. The venus consultancy Ltd does evaluate general site statistics, in order to better cater to our visitor's needs and interests.

How the venus consultancy Ltd Uses The Personal Information Collected From You uses forms that request your personal contact information, your resume, and other intimate work related details. This personal information is at no time used for any other purpose than to contact you regarding compatibility with potential work opportunities and career related needs. At no time is your personal information ever sold to third party organizations.

Who Views Your Information And Why?

Only the venus consultancy Ltd Recruitment Consultants, and external users of the venus (hiring clients, or recruiters) may access your personal information. External users can only view your personal information (resume, contact information, and relevant notes) after you have given our representative Recruitment Consultant a permission to make your information visible to these external parties for the purpose of helping you get a new job / contract.

External Links Policy has a myriad of links to other websites that provide additional information, link to our professional partners' sites, link to affiliate sites, social media and information websites. The venus consultancy Ltd does not warranty the privacy practices, the level of accuracy, or the appropriateness of the content of any of these websites. You are strongly advised to review the privacy practices of these websites to ensure that you are well informed of them.

Our Commitment To Security And Confidentiality and the associated Venus consultancy employs the use of advanced security measures to ensure the prevention of your information being lost, misused, or altered under our direct control. The venus consultancy Ltd has ensured that appropriate physical, administrative, and electronic safety measures are in place to assure all users secure use of this website. The venus consultancy Ltd must advise you, the user, that we will not guarantee the security and/or stability of the third party network(s) through which you access and send confidential information to this website and/or Venus. At no time will The venus consultancy Ltd provide any third party groups with your personal information unless you have permitted it to be passed along to an employer or third party user (recruitment agency), for the purpose of finding suitable employment.

What We Do With Cookies

In order to access this website and/or the Venus, your browser must allow cookies to be transferred from this website to your computer's hard drive. Cookies allow the website and the Venus to remember who you are. Most browsers (newer ones) allow for you to decide whether you want to accept cookies or not. You can normally control the level of security you want for your browser. To access our website you may have your settings set to high. The cookies we use are solely for the purpose of gaining enough limited information about you to facilitate personalized and efficient service when you visit this website and the Venus. The cookies we use are solely for the purpose of keeping information on "who you are" during your online session with the site. The venus consultancy Ltd does not use cookies for the purpose of salvaging information from your computer system other than what had been initially sent in the original cookie. The venus consultancy Ltd will not attempt any marketing or promotional schemes through the use of information relayed via cookies. Most browsers will give you the option of setting them so that you can be alerted as to when a cookie is trying to be sent to you so that you may opt to refuse the cookie from accessing your hard drive.

Your Acceptance of This Policy

The moment you use and / or the service form The Venus consultancy, you, the user, signify that you agree to The venus consultancy Ltd's Privacy Policy with regards to and / or the Venus.

Revisions / Modifications To This Policy

The venus consultancy Ltd reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, revise, modify, add, or remove sections of this Privacy Policy at any time. When you, the user, continue to use and / or the Venus Consultancy subsequent to these changes, it signifies your acceptance of these changes.

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